Interview with Abby Ryder Fortson

Being on the set of a movie isn’t as luxurious as one might imagine. Before I had the opportunity to do a movie set visit, my ideas of what it was like was much different than reality. Regardless if the movie is being shot on a sound stage or in a house in a residential neighborhood, there really isn’t much that screams luxury.

While we were on set, I let everything around me sink in. There was tons of machinery everywhere you looked. Huge crane like machines that held bright lights to give the effect that it was daylight inside the homes at night. A huge trailer with four portable potties for the production team to use.

For lunch, we ate in the basement of a church around the corner. I was seated at a table with Russell Bobbitt, Property Master for Marvel films. There were actors, extras, crew members, etc., all mingling together. How many times can you say you’ve eaten lunch in the basement of a church with famous people?

But all of the experiences, whether I thought they were good or bad, will be experiences that I’ll get to cherish for as long as my mind can remember them.

While on the set of Ant-Man back in November, I was able to get this exclusive interview with Abby Ryder Fortson.

It isn’t often that I have the opportunity to interview young talent. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever interviewed anyone as young as Abby. She did a great job and she was so much fun to talk to.

Interview with Abby Ryder Fortson

Who is your favorite Disney princess?


Is that who you were for Halloween by any chance?

No because I don’t have the outfit and it’s like 100 or 200 dollars on like one thing.

So what were you for Halloween?

A witch.

Were you a scary witch or a nice witch?

A scary witch! Well, I was both kind of witches. I was a nice witch but my costume was from a bad witch.

Well what’s your favorite part about making a movie?


While on the set of Ant-Man back in November, I was able to get this exclusive interview with Abby Ryder Fortson.

What do you think of that doll that you’ve been acting with all day today?

I don’t like it.

Was it kind of creepy?

Yeah. It’s so weird! And he bit my finger!

So what’s your favorite part about acting? Why do you love acting so much?

Because I get to be all different kinds of people.

Do you like Paul Rudd?


Is he fun to work with?

Mm hmm. And he’s actually koo-koo!

While on the set of Ant-Man back in November, I was able to get this exclusive interview with Abby Ryder Fortson.

Is it really hard for you to remember your lines?


How long have you been acting?

Since I was four years old.

And how old are you now?


What did you think when you saw Paul in the Ant-Man suit? And what did you think of that suit on him?

It was actually really cool. I actually got to put on one of his gloves when I was at wardrobe.

So what do your friends and family think about you doing this movie? Are they excited for you?


Is Ant-Man your favorite superhero now?

Yeah. And Black Widow.

So what’s next for you, do you have any other projects coming up?

Well, I’m on two more shows and the two babies that were working on one of my shows, they are too big now so they’re thinking my brother could do it.

What’s the name of the show, can you tell us?

Togetherness. And then I’m going straight from here to Canada to go do another show called The Whispers.

This interview with Abby Ryder Fortson was much different from other interviews. Where adults will talk and talk and talk, Abby was straight to the point and so darn adorable. For six years old, she was very well spoken and even threw in a little comedic value, just like her cast mates.

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Don’t forget to mark your calendars. Ant-Man arrives in theaters on July 17th.

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  1. Michelle F. says:

    What an adorable interview! I will be checking this movie out.

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    Awww, she is adorable! What a fun interview.

  3. Debra says:

    How cute is she?! Adorable!

  4. Dogvills says:

    I will check this movie out , so cute an adorable what a nice interview

  5. Jeannette says:

    She is just too cute and it looks like she’s super talented too! I can’t wait to see her in this movie!

  6. Ellen Christian (@ellenblogs) says:

    What a great interview! I cannot wait to see this movie!

  7. Danielle K says:

    This is such a cute interview! I’m so excited to see the new Ant Man movie – I know it’s going to be awesome!

  8. Mama to 5 BLessings says:

    I have not hear of this actress before. Sounds like a great interview!

  9. Liz Mays says:

    Could she be any more of a little darling? I love little actress cuties like this.

  10. Michelle says:

    What an awesome opportunity. Abby is adorable, I can’t wait to see Ant-Man.

  11. Melinda says:

    She is to cute. What a great interview.

  12. Jaime says:

    She’s adorable! I love her response about Paul Rudd being koo-koo!:)

  13. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says:

    This is the cutest interview ever! He’s koo-koo! I love it!

  14. Pam says:

    She is a little cutie. I love how she makes herself sound like she has been acting forever. Since she was four and now she is six. ?

  15. Jeanine says:

    Oh how cute! This was such a cute interview. I hadn’t heard of her before this but I just think shes a doll.

  16. Lindsey @ Redhead Baby Mama says:

    haha – her answers sounded SO her age. Poor thing could have been Elsa for much cheaper than that… ?

  17. Brandy says:

    What an adorable interview! I love that shared it with us, made me smile!

  18. Marcie W. says:

    Could she be any more adorable?! It is easy to see why she was cast for this role.

  19. Felicia says:

    How adorable is this? I guess it isn’t always super glamorous huh?

  20. Megan @mnmspecial says:

    I am so glad you mentioned what a set is really like. What a sweet little interview! I can’t wait to see this movie now.

  21. Kristi says:

    What a fun experience to be on set… and quite the change to interview a 6 year old I am guessing. She sounds adorable and quite mature.

  22. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert says:

    It’s nice to see when such a young actor is able to handle themselves well in an interview. The pressure on her being in such a big movie must be overwhelming!

  23. How fun to be on a movie set. It would be something that would stick with me as well.

  24. Theresa says:

    She’s so cute! Maybe she’ll makes tons of money by next Halloween so she can afford that Elsa costume lol ?

  25. Kate K (My Mommy Brain) says:

    What a cutie! How fun to visit a movie set. I would love to do this sometime.

  26. Anne (@notasupermom) says:

    That child is adorable! Also, Paul Rudd can carry me around like that any day.

  27. Amber C. says:

    We seen a special preview of Ant-Man last night and it looks great! Can’t wait to see it!

  28. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty says:

    We’ve gotten so into the Marvel movies lately, I know we will be first in line for Ant-Man!

  29. Debra says:

    My son is so excited to see Ant Man. Abby sounds like an amazing young actress….

  30. Veronica says:

    What a cute interview. Kids will always be frank and honest. We adults can learn so much from them

  31. Kiwi says:

    This is the cutest interview in the world! Interviewing a 6 year old is adorable..she said neh when you asked her if it was hard for her to remember her lines! Adorbs!

  32. Raijean says:

    Yeah, I can only imagine. They are there to work so I’m sure it’s not all roses and lilies. So glad you got to interview Abby, that’s amazing.

  33. Debbie Denny says:

    Spectacular interview. She is just awesome.

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