I Want to See the States

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of US Cellular. The opinions and text are all mine.

I want to see the states — all of them. Growing up, we pretty much ruled the family road trip. We saw the western national parks, traveled along the southern states to visit my brother in Louisiana, stopped at every battle site in the colonies. So there are tons of states I can check off my list. But there are still so many more I haven’t seen yet.

I want to see the states. When I look at this map in my family room, I’m constantly reminded of the ones still left unseen on my bucket list.

I Want to See the States

I feel pretty lucky though. I have had so many opportunities to travel and see some cool American history (that’s my favorite part). But I know that’s not the norm. Did you know that millions of Americans have never left their home state?

That is why Big County is so much fun! U.S. Cellular partnered with the Food Network and Travel Channel to create this new series that takes its customers on the trip of the lifetime. U.S. Cellular, Travel Channel and Food Network are empowering those who have not had the opportunity to meaningfully travel to finally visit the places and destinations they’ve always dreamed of seeing. In the first episode, Julius, a great father and husband, gets to explore New York City for the first time with host, Andrew Zimmern.

I Want to See the States

It’s so sweet to see the sparkle in his eyes as he explores the big city. But it’s also heart-warming to see him send pictures 3,000 miles away to his wife back at home in California or share the moment with his father as Julius calls his dad from the middle of Times Square. The nationwide coverage from U.S. Cellular enabled them to stay connected although they were miles apart. There are more episodes of Big Country so make sure you watch them all.

And to continue the fun, you can nominate individuals to appear on the show! U.S. Cellular is casting one more deserving customer to appear on Big Country to see the sights and taste the yumminess our 50 states have to offer. I’m inspired to continue seeing the states and loving that I can share that with my family and friends.

U.S. Cellular is looking to cast one more special customer to take on a trip of a lifetime for the season finale of Big Country! Please visit the link to apply for the opportunity to find yourself in the middle of anywhere with national coverage from U.S. Cellular and TV host Andrew Zimmern on the show Big Country.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of US Cellular. The opinions and text are all mine.

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