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All three of my children are finally to the age where they care about how they’re dressed. My daughter has cared long before the boys, but my boys have just recently, within the past year, started caring about their appearance. Now that they each have their own likes and dislikes, shopping for them is a bit harder than it has been in the past. But even though shopping for them is harder, I love seeing their own personal style unfold before my eyes.

My youngest, who just turned 8, received his first shipment from Kidbox last week. In his first shipment, he received 6 pieces of summer clothing. Just like the seasons change, so do the styles in the boxes. They just switched over from spring boxes to summer boxes.

Take the hassle of shopping with children with Kidbox. The first style box service for kids.

If you’ve never heard of Kidbox, and you probably haven’t since they are so new, let me explain what they are and what they aren’t.

Take the hassle of shopping with children with Kidbox. The first style box service for kids.

What is Kidbox?

  • Kidbox is the first style box that combines cool, trendy brands, meaningful savings, and a mission to clothe children in need. Their goal is to help clothe 1 million children!
  • Kidbox is available for toddlers to children up to age 12, wearing up to size 14.
  • Each Kidbox comes filled with 6-7 clothing items. The Keep the Box price is $98, making each piece of clothing about $14 -$17 each. For toddler boxes, orders contain 6 complete sets.
  • If you decide not to keep the entire box, you can purchase pieces at an a la carte price.
  • If an item doesn’t fit, they offer free size swaps. A note will be made in the account with the brand and size discrepancy for future shipments.

Take the hassle of shopping with children with Kidbox. The first style box service for kids.

What Kidbox is not:

  • Kidbox is not a subscription service. There are no upfront frees or obligations.
  • Kidbox is not a store therefore they take the hassle out of shopping with children.
  • Kidbox is not a fashion brand. They strive to help kids make their own fashion choices by connecting them with trusted brands.

Take the hassle of shopping with children with Kidbox. The first style box service for kids.

In my son’s first box he received three shorts and three shirts. There were three 7 For All Mankind pieces (one swim short, one twill short, and a tee), one U.S. Polo Assn polo shirt, a pair of PENGUIN shorts, and a Weatherproof Vintage tee. The total list price for these six items was $215 without any store discounts. The Kidbox discount price was $141 for all 6 pieces if you were to purchase them separately. But the whole box price is only $98, which is an even greater discount.

How does Kidbox work?

You and your child create a style profile where you’re able to list the things they like and the things they don’t like. The questions are pretty easy and start with gender and age, what size they wear for tops and bottoms, their personal style (sporty, preppy, modern, chic), things to avoid (stripes, prints, tight fit, etc.), any colors to avoid, the places you normally shop for your child’s clothes, and your child’s personality traits (easy going, shy, active, etc.)

Take the hassle of shopping with children with Kidbox. The first style box service for kids.

Once you’ve created their style profile, the style experts will begin the packing process and get the Kidbox sent out as soon as possible. When the package arrives addressed to your child, the child gets to experience the surprise of unpacking the styles picked just for them. You then have 7 days to decide what items you want to keep. Your card will only be charged for the items you keep after the 7 day period. Remember, there are no obligations to keep or buy anything and there is free shipping both ways.

Take the hassle of shopping with children with Kidbox. The first style box service for kids.

And one of my favorite things about the Kidbox model is that every time a box is kept, Kidbox donates a brand new outfit to a child in need. They even go as far as allowing you to choose where your donation goes with options like children with military families, children in poverty, and children in foster care. This is the perfect opportunity to talk to your children about generosity and giving back.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with the selections made based on his style profile. The colors in the box are all very patriotic and perfect for Memorial Day. I’m not sure if I would have picked a solid tee over a print tee, but we were able to put the pieces together to make several different outfits. I also like that I can mix and match to make even more outfits.

Have you tried Kidbox yet? Are you planning to?

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23 thoughts on “Kidbox | A Style Box for Children”

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    OMGosh I love the outfits he got. I want to check this out for my boys.

  2. Pam W says:

    This sounds like a great box for kids. I love the outfits that came in it.

  3. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says:

    I love it! The clothes look great, and I love that when you keep a box, they donate clothing. Awesome.

  4. MELISASource says:

    You son looks so handsome, and I love that every box equals a donations to those in need. I wish my kids were still this age. I’d totally get them this box.

  5. Catherine S says:

    Those are nice looking outfits. I will have to look into this for my niece and nephew.

  6. mary says:

    I love this idea. AND I know my kids would love receiving these in the mail as well. Handsome kid you have there too!

  7. Kristen says:

    I love Kidbox! My daughers get so excited when theirs shows up, they love seeing what was picked out for them.

  8. Valerie Gray says:

    I really want to try this out. It kinda reminds me of Stitch Fix but for kids. I love the extra coloring stuff they added.

  9. Ryan Escat says:

    You have a great kid there, I wonder where he got his looks? Just kidding! I am so excited to do this for my son!

  10. Nicole Escat says:

    I wish my boy will love this box, your kid is so adorable, I like his smile! Such a great parent you are!

  11. Chrystal | Nevermore Lane says:

    Oh gosh his outfits are amazing. What a handsome guy! This is a great box for kids. Gotta love all the smiles.

  12. Tonya says:

    Your son looks a lot like you (from your profile pic)! Cute! I love this idea and my kids would have been thrilled with this when they were little. I have always had tons of packages delivered and they would have loved to have had some as well. Not to mention the new clothes.

  13. Brandy says:

    This looks like a lot of fun, what a great idea! I think this would make for a super fun mail surprise for my younger two boys during Summer break!

  14. Sarah Bailey says:

    This sounds like such an amazing idea – what a great way to try out new clothes. x

  15. Karla says:

    I’ve heard about Kidbox and I’m developed a liking to their offers even though I haven’t ordered anything from them yet. What pleasantly surprised me is despite everything I already know, they have this cause to donate clothes with every order. Great business vision!

  16. Toni says:

    This is so fun! How exciting to get new clothes and crafts in the mail since nothing comes in the mail anymore!

  17. Kelly Hutchinson says:

    I love the convenience of this and the clothing choices are so large. I wish my kids were young enough to utilize this service.

  18. Rosey says:

    I saw it for girls and wondered if it came for boys. I’m glad that it does!

  19. diane says:

    Very convenient service, I think! I always choose solids over prints….much more versatile!

  20. Sharon says:

    I’ve never heard of this for kids! What a fun idea to bring the shopping experience home and take the stress out of the experience!

  21. Ellen Christian says:

    What a fun idea. I really like the solid shirts. They will be in style much longer than the print ones.

  22. Michele says:

    What a fun idea to get your summer wardrobe!! The clothes look like they fit him really well.

  23. Raijean S says:

    wow, that’s a dope idea! I think this would be perfect for the boychild. I’ll have to check it out.

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