Interview with Albert Brooks and Hayden Rolence from Finding Dory

Over the weekend, we celebrated the special relationship between my children and their father. It was a fun-filled day, barbecuing and watching basketball.

But this weekend, movie goers flocked to see another father/son duo back on the big screen. Your favorite clownfish, Nemo and Marlin, are back in the sequel Finding Dory. As part of the Finding Dory event, I was able to interview Albert Brooks (voice of “Marlin”) and Hayden Rolence (voice of “Nemo”).

Interview with Albert Brooks and hayden Rolence from Finding Dory. See what they had to say about their roles in Finding Dory.

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We talked parenting, voicing characters, and the Finding Dory premiere.

Interview with Albert Brooks and Hayden Rolence from Finding Dory

On Relationships

Marlin is such a worrier as a father and I was wondering if you relate to that at all being a parent or if you have a different style.

Albert: Well when my children were younger, I worried more. Now I worry less and I pay more. I’m a worrier but I mean, not as much as Marlin. Nobody can worry as much as Marlin.

When discussing the relationship between Marlin and Nemo, Albert noted a shift. Although worrying is part of his nature (and all parents’), Marlin has mellowed a bit. There’s a security regarding Nemo, and that allows for a wiser and warmer Marlin.

On taking on these roles

For Albert Brooks, it’s been over a decade since playing the fearful Marlin. But this is Hayden’s first time voicing the character of Nemo, originally voiced by Alexander Gould.

Was it easy to slip into the role again?

Albert: I’m telling you it happens in about twenty seconds. You’ve created the character. So as long as you’ve got your wits about you, you can do it. It’s like no time passed. But if they’re going to make a third one, they better hurry up because he won’t get a job and I’ll have to have a wheelchair.

He’s exaggerating, of course. But it has been a while since Finding Nemo. Albert joked that he’d given up on a sequel, especially with Ellen petitioning on national television for years. You can read Ellen’s thoughts on waiting for a sequel in my interview with her. Each person I spoke with went back to director Andrew Stanton. If he didn’t have the right story, he wouldn’t make the movie. The wait was worth it!

Interview with Albert Brooks and hayden Rolence from Finding Dory. See what they had to say about their roles in Finding Dory.

Photo Credit: Sara Lundberg /

Hayden, what was the biggest challenge?

Hayden: The biggest challenge was probably knowing that Nemo was already a character and knowing that I wanted to do him justice. And I didn’t want any disappointment.

Albert: You did it naturally and you always get some judgment if you’re doing a voice that someone else has done. But if the original Nemo did it, it really would have sounded odd, he’s forty now. [He was exaggerating a bit here.]

Hayden shared the auditioning process which included him watching Finding Nemo, practicing scenes, and sending in tapes from his home in Illinois. It was his parents that told him he got the part, and at first he didn’t believe them. He’s just too cute!

On the message of Finding Dory

One of the aspects I cherish about Disney/Pixar movies is the underling themes and messages. Take Inside Out. I was blown away with the depth in expressing human emotion. Ellen DeGeneres talked about her “Just Keep Swimming” motto and Kaitlin Olson about accepting imperfections during our interviews. There’s so much within each story line. But hearing Albert’s stance made me realize perhaps we as the viewers might each have our own unique take-aways.

What are you hoping families walk away with?

Albert: It’s heartwarming without being schmaltzy and I think people will be surprised that there’s more feeling than they thought. I’m not saying I hope people take away, people can just take away the popcorn. I don’t like to tell people what to do emotionally. But there’s more emotions than I thought I would have. And so I think that’s a good thing.

On their first viewings

The voice actors typically work alone, so seeing the film at the premiere for the first time is a surprise for the actors also.

Albert: There’s a thousand people up there. The credits are longer than most movies. And you have no idea what the finished product is going to look like.

Interview with Albert Brooks and hayden Rolence from Finding Dory. See what they had to say about their roles in Finding Dory.

I find it exciting that we, stars included, were able to see the magic come to the screen together for the first time. Both seemed a little hesitant to share their favorite scenes out of fear of giving anything away. You won’t get any spoilers here!

In Finding Dory, we followed Marlin, Nemo, and their pal Dory as they search the ocean for the family she’s trying to remember. It’s an adventure you won’t forget.

Finding Dory is now in theaters. Have you seen her?

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  1. Pam says:

    What a great interview. I can’t wait to see Finding Dory soon. I’ve heard so much about it.

  2. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says:

    Alber Brooks is absolutely the best. I have loved him for as long as I can remember, and I think he does an amazing job and Nemo’s dad.

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    I think the “new” Nemo did a great job with the voice. “Marlin” is right!

  4. Liz Mays says:

    I love those characters and I can’t wait to hear Nemo’s new voice actor. It’s awesome that Brooks was able to remember his character so quickly.

  5. Catherine S says:

    What a great event to attend and the interviews are awesome. I plan on taking my niece and nephew to see this over the weekend.

  6. Maureen says:

    What a fun interview, thanks for sharing!

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    How great that you got to interview these people. I would have to say I am a little jealous right now. It would be so cool to meet some of them.

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    We absolutely loved the movie. In my opinion, it was better than the first.

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    My kids are so excited to see this movie. What a great interview!

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    We just saw the movie Finding Dory and enjoyed it very much. This must have been quite an event for you.

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    I’m definitely excited to see this movie! It must have been so much fun to do this interview Nellwyn |

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    I love the interview! I’ve been a fan since finding Nemo and we just watch finding Dory. A really nice movie especially fo my son.

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    That was a superb interview and very well presented and written. It seems like this is one movie that is going to be a major hit!

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    I think we are going to try to see the movie this weekend. The interview is great!

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    What an amazing experience! I loved the movie.

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    I love the behind-the-scenes insight…and for such a fun movie, too! Thanks!

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    What an awesome interview chance! I can not wait to be able to see Finding Dory soon.

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    This movie is going to keep breaking records. It is such a great flick! Love the voice actors!

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    I enjoyed this because I love all things Dory! I can’t wait to see this movie!

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