PediaSure SideKicks for my Sidekicks

I have been compensated by PediaSure for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own.

Sometimes getting our little sidekicks to eat can be quite the task, especially when they aren’t feeling good and need as much nutrition as possible.

And then there are those sidekicks who simple don’t want to eat what we put in front of them. Maybe it’s fear of trying something new, or an oral aversion to the texture of the food.

Help your picky eaters get the nutrition they need with PediaSure SideKicks Shakes. Available in three delicious flavors; Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry.

Regardless, we know our children need nutrition and it’s our job to ensure they are getting the nutrients they need to grow and thrive.

It never fails each year during the busy back to school season that we somehow manage to get a nasty virus that makes its way through our home. This year was no different.

Help your picky eaters get the nutrition they need with PediaSure SideKicks Shakes. Available in three delicious flavors; Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry.

Between the headaches, stuffy and runny nose, sore throat, coughing, and sneezing, it’s no wonder my little sidekicks don’t want to eat. To be honest, I don’t want to eat either. It hurts my throat to even think about it.

But although it may be hard to get them to eat, it’s not as difficult to at least get them to drink.

PediaSure SideKicks

Help your picky eaters get the nutrition they need with PediaSure SideKicks Shakes. Available in three delicious flavors; Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry.

PediaSure SideKicks Shakes are available in three delicious flavors: strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. These shakes are great for on-the-go, but they can also be served as part of your child’s meal. I like to serve it in a bottle with a fun, colorful straw with dinner.

The shake is great for on-the-go, but can also be served as part of a meal.

You can also create fun recipes for your picky eaters by substituting PediaSure Sidekicks where milk or water would normally go in the recipe; think pancakes, smoothies, or even mac and cheese. Chocolate pancakes sound pretty perfect right about now.

Even though PediaSure SideKicks are easily found in the baby section of Walmart near all the formula and meal replacements, they aren’t just for younger children. Just this week I’ve had to use them with my eight-year-old. He’s the pickiest eater in the house and he slurped down his PediaSure SideKicks Chocolate Shake no questions asked.

And for a limited time, you can save $3 on your purchase of two PediaSure SideKicks products at Walmart! Put PediaSure SideKicks on your shopping list and pick some up next time you’re out shopping!

What does your picky eater like to eat or drink?

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20 thoughts on “PediaSure SideKicks for my Sidekicks”

  1. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says:

    Those sound great! These Sidekicks look like a great way to extra nutrition into the kids without a fight. Love it.

  2. Colleen Lanin says:

    I wish I’d had these when my kids were little. It was so hard to get them to eat anything good, and this would have helped me get good nutrition into them.

  3. Meagan says:

    These sound like a great option for young kids.

  4. Brandy says:

    These sound great! It can be hard to get your picky eater to get the nutrients they need.

  5. Tess says:

    Actually, I’ve been thinking about checking into this for my youngest. I dont think she gets the nutrition she needs.

  6. Theresa says:

    I love that these can be added into other recipes for a hidden nutritional boost. Though, I am sure my girls would suck them down as is. They sound great!

  7. Chrystal | Nevermore Lane says:

    Sounds like a great product if you have a picky eater so you can be sure they are getting the nutrition they are getting.

  8. Toni says:

    This is a great drinks for picky eaters! I love that you can add it to recipes!

  9. Amanda Love says:

    Sounds like the perfect drink for our kids especially this new semester! It’s important to keep them healthy and to make sure that their body gets all the nutrients that it needs! I would love to have my daughter try this!

  10. Brianne says:

    I’ve never heard of these before, but they sound great. I think my lil Gemma would love these.

  11. Joyce says:

    Our son is a picky eater and he has food allergies, so we’re always looking for options.

  12. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    My friends little guy is an extremely picky eater. I will have to tell her about PediaSure SideKicks. They would be a great way to make sure he is getting the right nutrients.

  13. Kelly Hutchinson says:

    I just love all the pediasure products. I buy them for my nephew. I will have to try these, too.

  14. Shell says:

    My middle son drinks these. He’s underweight and these are actually helping him gain.

  15. Kristin says:

    We used to give these to our oldest. She is a thin girl but eats a lot these days.

  16. Melinda says:

    the separate cup or bottle doesn’t make it feel different from everyone else. No need to bring even more attention to a child if they are underweight, picky or just trying to boost nutrition

  17. Candy o says:

    I need to pick some of these up. Adding a straw is a great alternative and way to get rid of the dreaded sip cup too..

  18. rachel ferrucci says:

    What a great way to give kids extra nutrition. It’s so much better than juices too

  19. Kiwi says:

    Pediasure is so smart for coming up with this option. Putting nutrition in a shake!

  20. Anjanette @MommaYoung says:

    I think this was a super idea. Children should have no problem drinking these. My daughter has drank one a time or two when we were running late and I need to get some goodness into her belly.

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